Hibiscus Pink

There are a few things in this world that I know are true:

1.    Patience is an absolute gift from God.  You know that deep breath that you find yourself taking right before yelling at someone-yep gift from God. Thank you, Jesus, for this slight minute of sanity. It has helped me from making several mistakes and yelling at those I love. Do you have people that you are more patient with than others? Yoga has helped immensely with my patience. It is amazing what deep breathing can do for your psyche.

2.    There are many things that enjoy being in a freezer. Ice cream, popsicles, veggies, fruit, ice…I have met a few people in the last few years (yes I am being very vague) that find the freezer has no limits, no standards, accepts everyone. Lunch meat and a freezer should never meet, date, or have kids. Leftover spaghetti sauce should not be friends with a freezer. Bacon, marinades, cooked leftover pasta, bread…you get my point, yes?

3.    Grey’s Anatomy is quite addicting. I have found myself with some extra time on my hands and just watched the most recent premiere of Grey’s. Now I have to know everything that happened starting with season 1. I love television, don’t you?

4.    The holidays are addicting. I am actually surprised that I still have such a love for holidays. I worked in retail for over 8 years, and one would think that my love for holidays would have dissipated by now. Even though fall is in the air all over the country, it is still in the 90’s here in Southern California. The past two days we have had rain, temperatures in the 60’s, and pumpkin spice lattes. It will heat up soon, but I can’t stop thinking about candy corn, scarves, boots, pumpkin-flavored anything, and dreaming about the new Christmas albums I want to buy. I am currently all about these two- Blake Shelton: Cheers, its Christmas and Katherine Jenkins: This is Christmas.

What do you know is true?

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Magic Wand

Hello again… So it is apparently fall, but I think So Cal missed the memo. I am currently sitting in my house with all fans on and windows open while being serenaded by workmen installing two new front doors and a new garage door. My life is exciting and eventful and hot right now. They need to finish up their little project so that I may reunite with my new bestie…the air conditioner.

I love the change of seasons, don’t get me wrong. It reminds me of the wind changing in Mary Poppins. Everything feels fresh and new and there is hope in the air. That is what surrounds me right now, hope. Hope is all around in the month of October as we continue to fight for a cure for Breast Cancer. If I wasn’t in current job search mode, I would consider adding some gorgeous pink streaks to my blonde locks to add some flair!

 I am full of hope because I know things will be changing soon. Change always seems to occur with the change of seasons. We change our hair (yes I add some red highlights), we change our clothes (hello scarves and boots, my dear friends) and we change our eating habits (pumpkin, need I say more?).  I am looking for inner change as well. I am looking for a new career. I am not sure which direction I am going in yet, but I have hope and faith that the perfect doors will open for me.

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.

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PS: Magic Wand= valspar 1001-2A