It’s about time…

So here’s the thing…I wanted to be super clever with my first blog and all. I was over thinking my blog I think. I love the idea of titling each blog with a different shade of pink, however I read many blogs and keep hearing a voice in my head saying K.I.S.S…Keep It Simple, Stupid! So I am vowing the keep it simple from now on. I watched Julie and Julie today and love how she communicated her everyday life to her readers. What a great movie that is!

So here is my shot at simple-retiring your hair dryer. Growing up, my dad bought my mom a new hair dryer every Christmas. It was like clockwork whether she needed a new one or not. The hair dryers ended once I was old enough to take over the Christmas shopping with dad’s money.  I use hair dryers until they make a high pitched squeak and begin to smoke. Anyone else have that experience?  The time is coming soon for my hair dryer. As far as I can remember, I have had this hair dryer since college…so going on almost 10 years ago…

I am a little afraid apprehensive of buying a new one. The next one that I buy needs to live up to this one. It is not that great of a model, but it has lasted me a long time. It is not a major purchase, but one that may take some research.

Yes, I over think most things. I have a vivid imagination and can completely change a situation just by imagining things differently. I think this is a big reason I love to read. Jane Austen is my absolute favorite and I love to read some of the cheesy adaptations of her work. In a future post, I will definitely include some of my favorites for a reading list.

Thanks for reading!


Ballerina Pink

Ballerina pink is the most delicate shade of pink. It reminds me that even in this crazy world that we live in, there is still purity and innocence in the world. I am reminded that even if my life is not exactly how I planned, there is still hope out there.

I am at a crossroads in my life. I have recently finished my MBA but am not currently employed. I have been married for five years and have had the “kid itch” for some time now. I want to work, but I also want to be a mom. I want it all, but have to establish my priorities first. Can you relate to the “kid itch?” Most of your friends and relatives are having children and most of them have been married for a shorter time period than you. And you constantly get the question-“when are you guys having kids?” I just want to shout out to the world that I wish I had that answer. I would love to have a child, unfortunately my husband and I like to make plans and set goals and not rush into things. I have four nieces on my hubby’s side of the family and am thankful for each and every one of them. But yes, it hurts so much to see them and be hit with the reality that I do not have one of my own.

To answer your question, no my husband and I are not “trying” to have a baby. I hate that word, by the way. We are still preventing pregnancy because it just feels like the right decision for us at the moment. But yes, I want a baby. I want to be someone’s mother. I want to share that experience with my amazing husband who I adore more and more with each day that passes. We are just not in the best place at the moment to bring a child into this world. We have some ducks to align and other goals to accomplish first. But yes, I am afraid of being an older mother. I want to be young and hip and fun as a mom no matter what my kid’s age. I know that I will be just that and everything will work out, this is just what is on my heart and mind and the moment.

Can you relate?