It’s about time…

So here’s the thing…I wanted to be super clever with my first blog and all. I was over thinking my blog I think. I love the idea of titling each blog with a different shade of pink, however I read many blogs and keep hearing a voice in my head saying K.I.S.S…Keep It Simple, Stupid! So I am vowing the keep it simple from now on. I watched Julie and Julie today and love how she communicated her everyday life to her readers. What a great movie that is!

So here is my shot at simple-retiring your hair dryer. Growing up, my dad bought my mom a new hair dryer every Christmas. It was like clockwork whether she needed a new one or not. The hair dryers ended once I was old enough to take over the Christmas shopping with dad’s money.  I use hair dryers until they make a high pitched squeak and begin to smoke. Anyone else have that experience?  The time is coming soon for my hair dryer. As far as I can remember, I have had this hair dryer since college…so going on almost 10 years ago…

I am a little afraid apprehensive of buying a new one. The next one that I buy needs to live up to this one. It is not that great of a model, but it has lasted me a long time. It is not a major purchase, but one that may take some research.

Yes, I over think most things. I have a vivid imagination and can completely change a situation just by imagining things differently. I think this is a big reason I love to read. Jane Austen is my absolute favorite and I love to read some of the cheesy adaptations of her work. In a future post, I will definitely include some of my favorites for a reading list.

Thanks for reading!